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Welcome to CJ Martial Arts Nanaimo

Get fit. Attain focus. Learn discipline.

Come learn martial arts in a fun and welcoming environment in Nanaimo, Vancouver Island

Let us help you improve your personal well being! We offer several intensive martial arts program that can improve your physical, mental and emotional wellness. Call us today to enroll at 250-754-6996!

Community Open House
Feb 14-20 2017

All classes all ages,Youth 3-6.6-9.10-14, coed adults and ladys only both Muay Thai and BJJ classes are offered free this entire week!CJ Martial Arts wants to celebrate Family day so from our CJ Family to yours we invite you to come try one of the best workouts out-there!
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Free Classes Available
Feb 18-25 2017

All Classes free this Reading Break for Vancouver Island University Students. Clear your mind, Release Stress and get an invigorating workout! Come try free classes this Reading Break Feb 18-25.
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Open House Feb 14-20
Physical and Mental Wellness

Get a perfect workout every time with the kickboxing and Grappling lifestyle which leaves you strong, healthy, fit, and relaxed! Punch and kick away any built up stress with Muay Thai. Develop your physical fortitude through a total body workout rooted in core strength, stability and good form. Learn how to handle your emotions and deal better under pressure and learn self-defense with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu! Martial Arts exercise makes fitness fun in a positive and empowering environment.

Emotional Wellness

Build your self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-control. Learn to get in touch with yourself and explore how confident you are within. We can teach you how!

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Social Wellness

Our class setting creates camaraderie and friendship through working together. You will develop social skills through partner pad work and technical grappling. Gain the self-esteem and confidence to improve your social skills by joining CJ Martial Arts Team and enjoy the spirit of friendly good fellowship among your training partners.

Call today to enroll at 250-754-6996!