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Intensive Personal Training Courses in Nanaimo

Our Knockout Body Personal Training helps you get into the shape and achieve the body you've always wanted. We not only focus on fitness but your health, too. Call today to book an appointment for our personal training program at 250-754-6996!

Does This Sound Like You?

· Tired of doing the yo-yo roller coaster ride to lose weight?

· Not sure how you should be training your body?

· Need to reduce your stress levels?

· Could you benefit from proper guidance and direction?

· Not motivated, or disciplined, to transform your body on your own?

· Struggle to stick to, and follow through, with your fitness goals?

· Want to function in your daily life without pain, or fear of injury?

Our bodies were designed for movement, however, many of us limit our body’s potential with improper exercise routines or sedentary lifestyles. Cara’s progressive functional training focuses on training movement patterns rather than isolating individual muscles, and is designed to improve human movement, with consideration for the way the body is designed to move.

Functional training is best described as continuum of exercises that teaches clients and athletes how to handle their own body weight in all planes of movement. Cara’s progressive functional training programs uses many concepts developed to improve speed, strength, power, and to improve sports performance, while reducing the risk of injury by intentionally incorporating balance and proprioception (body awareness) into training.

We focus on “whole body” fitness and health to gain flexibility, and range of motion training with Postural Corrective Exercises

· Improve your cardiovascular endurance and stamina?

· Strength and Conditioning (Reach new levels of strength, gain lean muscle mass, improve core structure)

· A customized training program specifically designed to help you achieve results that last

· Slim and sculpt your body as you shed fat

· A functional multi- movement workout

· Get a clear picture of your health status

· Break through plateaus and get maximum results from each workout

· Sports Performance Training

“Consistent exercise is not just about looking better! It is about feeling better in the body you are wearing, and connecting with how your body feels! If you are consistent in your efforts to feel better, the bi-product is you will most definitely look better!”

Your Personal Trainer

As a certified PT Cara has worked in Nanaimo B.C since 2008. Personal training for multiple facilities such as VI Fitness, Athletic Club and Lifestyles gained her a reputation which contracted her as the PT for ICBC Rehab and Head Personal Trainer for City of Nanaimo. Cara has Hosted “fitness tips” (Fitness clips on shaw t.v.) with several years of experience Cara Denney has worked with all types of clients and facilities gaining experience to create that customized program.

Take control of today in order to see real change tomorrow! Give me a call to book your initial consultation at CJ Martial Arts & Fitness:

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